Annual Proposal

Mission Mission


To witness to God's love, known in Jesus Christ, by empowering our patients through community centered, whole-person quality health care for all, which includes those who are uninsured, underinsured, and underserved.


Our Core Values:

  • Christ-centeredness
    We believe in and are committed to Jesus Christ in all we do. We are dedicated to caring for others in the manner He cares for us, partnering with the Body of Christ.
  • Prayer
    We access God's presence through prayer and worship, celebrating our limitations and His greatness, sharing our thanks and our needs, and seeking His help and direction.
  • Responsibility
    We take responsibility for the gifts we have been given and the ministry in which we serve, seeking to efficiently use resources entrusted to us while always searching for new ways to improve.
  • Family
    We are a community in service together, united as members of God's family; respecting, sharing with, and offering support to one another.
  • Service
    We are called to compassionately serve others by providing wholeperson health care, which includes listening to needs and responding with the necessary medical, emotional, and spiritual support.
  • Wholeness
    We acknowledge our limitations, place a priority on personal growth, and seek a sustainable balance in our lives.

Compassionately serving others . . .
by providing whole-person health care



The East Liberty Family Health Care Center was founded in 1982 in the basement of Eastminster Presbyterian Church, in the heart of East Liberty. The Center is dedicated to "witnessing to God's love, known in Jesus Christ, by empowering our patients through community-centered, whole-person quality health care for all, which includes those who are uninsured, underinsured and underserved." The Center has been distinctively faith-based since its inception, offering prayer with every visit, but never discriminating on the basis of religion. Every person is made in God's image, worthy of good care, and welcome at the Center. Since 1982, the Center has provided healthcare for all people, without regard to ability to pay. Today it is a full service health care center with locations in East Liberty, Lincoln-Lemington and Wilkinsburg.



Rev. Douglas DunderdaleRev. Douglas Dunderdale Dr. HallDr.Hall Steve Paschall, Esq.Steve Paschall, Esq. Sue Stewart, RNSue Stewart, RN Dr. Eileen BoyleDr. Eileen Boyle In 1975, the Rev. Douglas A. Dunderdale was the senior pastor of Eastminster Presbyterian Church in the East Liberty neighborhood of Pittsburgh. He began praying that God would bring a Christian healing ministry to become a part of the church.

Also in 1975, David Hall, a resident of Mt. Lebanon in Pittsburgh, graduated from MIT and entered Medical School at the University of Rochester.

For what did these two men pray? That God would call like-minded people to a ministry of healing in the urban area of Pittsburgh where God's love would be experienced through healing and care that was fundamentally different from what the world was providing. They prayed that the new Center would be open to anyone, especially the underserved and underinsured. They prayed for a Center where doctors, nurses and other healthcare professionals would pray with every patient and address their whole person needs: physical, mental and spiritual.

After seven years of prayer, East Liberty Family Health Care Center was founded in 1982 in the basement of Eastminster Presbyterian Church, in the heart of East Liberty. Today, the Center has 32,000 patient encounters each year and has been distinctively faith-based since its inception.

They knew that healing was not just for the wealthy or insured but it is a gift of God meant for every person created in God's image.

Rev. Douglas Dunderdale is the founding Board Chair and still serves on our board.

Dr. David Hall is the founding and the current Medical Director.

Steve Paschall, Esq. is the founding Executive Director and an emeritus director of our board.

Sue Stewart is the founding nurse and a current Whole-Person Case Manager.

Dr. Eileen Boyle became the Center's second full-time physician in 1986. She is currently the Executive Director.



East Liberty Family Health Care Center offers:

  • Whole-person primary care for physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being
  • Adult & pediatric primary care
  • Asthma, diabetes, blood pressure control programs
  • Dental Care (adults and children)
  • Doula Services (including birth support and prenatal/postpartum visiting)
  • Services
  • Drug & Alcohol outreach and relapse prevention program
  • Hearing/Vision screening
  • HIV/AIDS prevention/testing and peer support services
  • Homebound elderly outreach
  • Services
  • Homeless outreach & medical clinic in homeless drop-in center
  • Immunizations/Well-child care
  • Lab Services
  • Obstetric/Gynecology services & Pre-natal outreach services
  • On-call physician services 24 hours/day
  • Parent/patient/family education
  • Pediatric home visits to families in crisis
  • Podiatry
  • Psychology & counseling services (indiv/family)
  • Pastoral Care
  • Benefit Eligibility Counseling
  • Spiritual support

Three locations:

East Liberty
6023 Harvard Street
Pittsburgh, PA 15206
(412) 661-2802
7171 Churchland Street
Pittsburgh, PA 15206
(412) 361-8284
Hosanna House
(dental care only)
807 Wallace Avenue
Pittsburgh, PA 15221
(412) 243-7711





Our Patients and Our Services

One-third of our patients are privately insured families who could go anywhere, but choose the Center because of its quality. In 2011, we provided  34,617 encounters of "whole-person" care for 8,054 patients. Our most recent patient satisfaction rate was over 95%.

The East Liberty Family Health Care Center operates three comfortable, attractive offices staffed by 18 doctors. Appointments are available six days/week from as early as 8:30 am to as late as 8 pm. A doctor is always on call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. All our doctors are credentialed by insurers and hospitals in our service area.

Through our Birth Circle program, we deliver healthy babies. Then, we help young moms raise healthy babies by making sure they keep every immunization visit through age two. Well-child visits educate parents about their baby's health.

Mental health services are also available. Benefits eligibility staff help our patients enroll in Medical Assistance and other entitlement services to support them in their journey toward "whole-person" health.

At the Lincoln-Lemington Office and at Hosanna House in Wilkinsburg, we provide dental care services to meet our patients' oral health needs.

All of our practitioners are board-certified, and make a long-term commitment to this ministry, so they can develop their skills as well as their knowledge of the unique needs of our patients. Our doctors audit each others' charts to ensure quality care and compliance with best practices, and our Quality Assurance team meets monthly to improve patient compliance in key areas such as immunizations, diabetes, and hypertension. We measure our performance against federal standards such as Healthy People 2010 to make sure that our care is the best we can give. As a result, we find that our immunization rates are among the highest in Allegheny County, and that our patients are generally doing well at managing chronic diseases such as diabetes and hypertension. We have lower incidences of prematurity and low-birth weight, higher rates of breastfeeding, and we prevent more than 50 unnecessary hospitalizations annually through our Homebound Elderly Outreach Program.

A Safety Net for the Most Vulnerable

We provide more than 2,500 visits for the Homebound Elderly every year, with no maximum number of visits. We stay with our homebound patients as long as they're alive, keeping them independent and out of the hospital, often helping them die in their homes with dignity and peace.

We go to local Homeless shelters, soup kitchens, and drop-in centers to form relationships with the homeless, and when trust develops, invite them into care at our offices.

We send community workers to the streets of East Liberty every day, helping the addicted get into recovery, treatment, community, and hope.

Our Pediatric Outreach staff goes into the homes of young mothers to educate them and help them manage the health and psycho-social needs of their babies.

Taking Time to Care

Most of all, what our patients count on is practitioners who know them by name, and who take the time to care. Our doctors spend two to three times as long as an insurance-driven practice with every patient. They take time to listen to the "whole-person" needs of each patient. At the end of every visit, a doctor and a nurse will offer to join hands and offer prayer for the patient's concerns. Participation is voluntary. But even science is beginning to recognize what the church has known through the ages: the healing power of human touch and Divine prayer.



The East Liberty Family Health Care Center strives to meet the whole-person health needs of Pittsburgh's East End, including East Liberty, Garfield, Larimer, and Lincoln-Lemington-Belmar. All of these areas are a part of an Allegheny County Medically Underserved Area and a PA Health Professional Shortage Area.

The Center's service area faces serious demographic, geographic, and cultural barriers to health care, resulting in several serious health disparities in the area. Residents of the target service area are predominantly low-income (The Median Income is $19,946, 30% lower than the City Median, and 48% lower than the County Median). 57% of those residing in the service area have incomes less than 200% of poverty level, compared to 41% of the City and only 27% for Allegheny County ). And the percentage of persons living in the service area with incomes below 200% of poverty level has risen by 5% since 1990a negative trend.

Medical Assistance recipients make up approximately 25% of the service area's population, with an estimated 27% completely uninsured. Fully 86% of the service area is minority, 81% African-American and 5% other races. Unemployment is more than double the State and County rates. 23% of the service area's households are headed by single females living in poverty, more than twice as high as the City and four times higher than the County. Health status indicators in the Center's service area are higher than City and County rates across the board.


Board of Directors and Officers

Rev. Paul E. Roberts, Chair
Pastor, Eastminster Presbyterian Chirch

Georgette D. Powell, Secretary
Executive Director, PA Vets All the Way Home

Michael T. Wherry, CPA, Treasurer
McClintock & Associates, P.C.

Benjamin Butler
Director, Minority Business Opportunity Center
Department of Veterans Affairs

Rev. Etta Calvert
Parish Associate, Mt. Ararat Baptist Church

Rev. Douglas A. Dunderdale
Presbyterian Pastor, Honorably Retired

Rev. J. David Else
Priest-in-Charge, Church of the Advent

W. Craig Esterly
Partner, S.D. Asset Group LLC

Deborah K. Redmond
Vice President of Ambulatory Care Services
UPMC Presbyterian/Shadyside

Richard Sheffey
Assistant Store Manager, Casual Male XL

Kathy Mayle Towns, RN
Director, Center for Health Care Diversity, Duquesne University

Kristen Wilson
Community Volunteer

Mattie Woods
Executive Director, Center for Health Hearts and Souls


Reid Carpenter, Emeritus Director
President, Council of Leadership Foundations

Stephen P. Paschall, Esq.
Attorney, Lovett Bookman Harmon Marks LLP



The East Liberty Family Health Care Center provides more than 34,000 encounters of whole-person health care each year. All of this now costs approximately $6 million annually. Many partners working together sustain this vital ministry so that it can be available to all who come without regard to ability to pay. Each funding partner plays a specific role in sustaining this ministry.

EARNED REVENUE (55% of total revenue): When possible, our patients participate in paying for their care. Additionally, we discipline ourselves to maximize reimbursements from insurers and to make sure our patients are enrolled in every entitlement program for which they are qualified. Earned revenue is our largest source of revenue. We maximize this so that every charitable dollar gets stretched as far as possible.

Each year, we provide $2 million in "charity care and other uncompensated care." To support this effort, we need to have additional funding to cover patient care. This comes from:

CHURCHES AND INDIVIDUALS (10%). After we do our best to maximize the revenue we can earn ourselves, we rely on local churches and individuals to be not only our financial base of support, but our spiritual base as well. Government and foundation funding alone are not sufficient. With God's help and yours, we pray with patients, share our faith, and show Christ's love by going the extra mile for our patients. That is why your support is our foundation. It is the love expressed by people of faith through gifts of time, knowledge, and money that make "whole-person" care possible. 

GOVERNMENT (22%). The Center utilizes federal funding to enable it to remain open to the uninsured at the significant level that we do. We are a Federally Qualified Health Center and receive an annual gift from the Health Resources and Services Administration (HRSA) to provide primary healthcare to underserved, underinsured and uninsured people. This valuable, renewable source of funding, when combined with the private, faith-based funds we raise, calls us to higher levels of accountability. We are proud of the clinical outcomes and measures of financial stewardship that our federal funding requires of us. We are grateful that our federal government recognizes the importance of funding faith-based groups to care for the most vulnerable in our midst.

HOSPITALS, INSURERS, AND CORPORATIONS (3%). Many local hospitals, health insurers, corporations and businesses share our mission of providing quality healthcare for all people without regard to ability to pay. The Region's largest health providers (UPMC and Highmark) partner with the Center because they've recognized the important role we play in the Region's healthcare Safety Net.

FOUNDATIONS (8%). Local foundations are also strong partners with us, supporting new projects and capital ventures. The Pittsburgh region has a wealth of corporate and philanthropic foundations who are generous in their funding of the Center.

UNITED WAY (less than 1%). Individual donors contribute to the Center through United Way's Contributor Choice Program. Our Agency Number in Allegheny County is 338. 



At the East Liberty Family Health Care Center, we believe that the Body of Christ must participate in the healing ministry of Jesus Christ. No single congregation in our region can provide this level of healing ministry, so more than 40 local churches come together each year to support the Center. By so doing, they participate in a ministry of healing that shows special care for the poor, and that integrates the Christian faith into every aspect of its care. We believe that when local churches provide financial resources for the provision of whole-person care, the quality of that care is influenced by the love represented in every gift. We depend on the church in Pittsburgh to provide this care. Without church participation, the distinctive Christian character of our care would be impossible.



The East Liberty Family Health Care Center is committed to good stewardship of the resources you entrust to us, and to complete financial accountability. Our financial statements are audited annually by an independent Certified Public Accountant, and are available for review upon request. We comply with all federal and state regulations regarding the conduct of our ministry and our fund-raising practices. We are registered with the Pennsylvania Bureau of Charitable Organizations. Despite the challenges and administrative necessities of operating in the world of managed care, we strive to keep administrative expenses as low as possible. Should you have any questions about our financial information, do not hesitate to call us at 412-361-8265. Thank you for your review of this material. May Jesus Christ be lifted up in all we do and say.



For Mission Committee & Adult Groups
Pray. We know that prayer plays a powerful role in the healing process. Please pray for this ministry and for our patients. Include us in your congregational prayer list. 

Tours. We would love to have any person or group from your church to visit our offices for a tour and (schedule permitting) to meet some of the compassionate practitioners who show Christ's love through health care.

Annual Work Day. If your congregation would like to bring a group of hard working adults (or adults and youth) to get "down and dirty" on a Saturday, we could arrange a one-time volunteer day where we would explain the ministry, give you a tour, and then ask you to help clean, paint, landscape, de-clutter, or make needed repairs to our highly-utilized offices. Contact us at (412) 345-7854 or to explore this opportunity.

For Individuals
Office Assistance: We need reliable help in many administrative areas, from telephone calls to newsletter preparation to cleaning to computer document scanning and data entry. We schedule these on a case-by-case basis, to suit your schedule and ours.

Homebound Elderly Outreach Program: Volunteers are always needed to make a long-term commitment (a year or more) of at least an hour or two per week to supplement the care and companionship provided by our Homecare Nursing Staff. This is a calling that requires lasting commitment, but which also provides a tremendous opportunity to develop a caring relationship with someone nearing life's end. Call 412-361-8265 for more information.

Event Planning. We need volunteers to help with planning and holding special events. Could your church appoint a liaison to the planning committee that would mobilize the involvement of your entire church in celebratory fund-raising events? Again, call 412-361-8265 to get involved!

Highmark Walk for a Healthy Community 2012. On May 19, 2012, the East Liberty Family Health Care Center was one of 73 agencies who participated in this annual event which took place at Stage AE near Heinz Field. Through those who walked and those who pledged in support of the walkers, more than $11,000 was raised for the Patient Care Fund. 100% of funds raised will be retained by the Center.



Cultivate the Desire to Engage in Christ's Mission in Your Church. The best way we can thank churches that support us is by creating opportunities to encourage church members to think about Christ's mission, and to explore how they can become more active participants in what God is doing in the world. When we develop that passion in individual members of a church, something much greater than a financial transaction occurs: a partnership is formed that can sometimes have life-changing results.

Speakers . The Center can provide excellent speakers for Moments for Mission, Sermons, Sunday Schools, Men's or Women's Groups, or any other forum. The Center has a host of excellent speakers available for other church program needs. We also encourage you to sponsor a Gathering after worship someday soon, either as a reception or dinner. Our leaders will share a brief presentation and we will explain the many ways God is working in/through us in which you can become involved. To participate in any of the above activities, do not hesitate to call Debbie Paschall at 412-345-7854 or